Online JPG Image Compressor

This JPG Photo Reducer can Compress the Size of an Image to 20, 30, 50kb or 100kb.


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Increase slider to decrease the Image size.

Output Format : JPG

How to compress jpg / jpeg to 100kb, 50KB

JPG Compressor is a free online utility tool that anyone can use. It will compress the size of your jpeg image to any value in kb, such as 30kb, 50kb, or 100kb. It does this by resize the image assets while maintaining the image's original quality. You can reduce the size of the photo file by adjusting the quality slider. or directly in kilobytes, enter your desired pic output value.

  1. Select your image file and upload it to the online jpg compressor tool.
  2. To reduce the size of the jpeg photo, adjust the quality or compression slider.
  3. or specify the output image size, such as 20kb, 100kb, 50kb, and so on.
  4. After you've set your options, you can begin.
  5. After the picture has been processed, you will be able to download it to your device using the download button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of image files are compressed with this tool?

This image reducer tool is designed specifically to resize / compress jpg and jpeg files. If you have png, heic, heif, bmp, or tiff images, you can reduce them as well, but your output will be in JPG format.