Compress image to 10kb

This JPG Photo Reducer can resize or Compress the Size of an Image to 10 KB without losing Quality.

Please Select Image - Max 6MB

  • Select your image, it automatically compress to 10kb
  • Click Download button, to save it to device.

Output Format : JPG

How to Compress Photo to 10KB?

This JPEG reducer tool will helps to compress image size to a 10kb. Simply select your image file and resize it up to 10kb. It decrease the photo properties like quality and dimension that suite for 10kb image reduction.

  1. For online resize, Choose your Photo file and upload it to compress image to 10KB.
  2. It optimize the picture, and convert photo to a 10 kb jpg file.
  3. When you press the start button, the file is automatically start compression.
  4. you will be able to save the 10kb jpeg image to your device using the download button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Reduce image to 10kb jpeg?

The JPEG is mostly used image format for web applications, and camera photography. it occupies very less space compared with other old image formats. our tool specially desinged to convert your image into 10kb jpg files .

How to optimize photo to 10kb?

Our online img compressor will helps you to reduce photo into 10 KB for free. compress your mobile picture to 10kb photo size. just select the picture file from the device and press compress image button. It start shriking process and output the reduced photo. This tool is mostly used to compress pass photo and signature files for varies exams, online applications, social media platforms, logo, indian govt exams..