Compress image to 150kb

This JPG Photo Reducer can resize or Compress the Size of an Image to 150 KB without losing Quality.

Please Select Image - Max 6MB

  • Select your image, it automatically compress to 150kb
  • Click Download button, to save it to device.

Output Format : JPG

How to Compress image size to 150KB online free?

150kb online compressor is helps you in compress image or resize your jpg, png, jpeg, bmp, heif, heic, and webp picture size to 150kb. Simply select your image file, and it will determine the picture dimensions and resize it to a 150kb image by shrinking the size. Our browser-based tool runs on a cloud server, so no software or login is required.

  1. To resize, Choose your picture and upload it to online compress image to 150KB.
  2. It immediately converts your photo to a 150 kb jpg file.
  3. You can also provide the custom width & height
  4. After the picture has been processed, you will be able to download 150kb jpeg image to your device using the download button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

resize photo to 150kb

This free resizer is very usefull to resize image to 150kb. just upload the photo file in and it automatically compress picture to 150kb jpeg, and save it.

compress picture to 150kb

150kb compressor will compress image in their aspects like quality and dimension. This tool automatically detect the image size and resize dimension and compress quality that match the 150kb jpeg file size. you can resize custom width and height.