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This JPG Photo Reducer can Compress the Size of an Image in KB without losing Quality.
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What is the Image size reduction?

This is an online free Photo Reducer tool, helps to Reduce your image to specific size in KB or MB. Our resizer will compress picture in kb (kilobytes) without loosing original quality. If you want to smaller image, adjust the quality slider between from 0 to 100 towards right side and resize it. It will enables you to apply compression and reducing image dimension size to any value in KB.

This is Image KB reducer online tool used for resize your picture size in KB. To reduce image file size, either shrink the width and height of the picture for optimize the pixel density, i.e. photo quality. When there is a huge size of image and you require a small size, so you need to lower the picture quality and results in a fuzzy image. As a processes, it is a time-consuming operation that requires considerable ability with applications such as Photoshop or windows paint to get the desired appearance. This tool eliminate all these process and simply Reduce your picture size to KB or MB. This Image Resizer helps you to reduce or compress image online in KB like 20, 30, 50, or 100 KB. JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats are supported.

How to Reduce size of image in kb in online

  1. First, open the Reduce Image tool website for compress size in KB.
  2. Select your photo and upload to
  3. you can select a compression quality, By dragging the percentage slider between 0 and 100.
  4. or Enter the required image size in KB, such as below to 10, 20, 30, 50, 150, or 100 in KB.
  5. This JPG photo resizer will resize image in kb without losing picture quality.
  6. Finally, you receive the smaller picture file to your computer or mobile device.

What is the size of the picture file?

Every picture occupy a memory space in a digital device is referred to as it's actual Image size. When we take a photograph with a camera or a Mobile phone. Modern smart device have high-resolution cameras with resolutions ranging from 02MP to 100MP, and they produce image size in megabytes. This online reducer will compress image size im kb or MB.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I resize image size to smaller?

Using this online photo resizer in kb, you can compress your image memory size in kb. Simply upload a picture to resize and select a compression percentage or enter the required file size of kb or mb. Our system will begin processing it and output the reduce photo file in few kilobytes.

What kinds of images are allowed for reduction?

This Photo optimizer support all major image formats, and commonly used formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, Webp, Heif and BMP. It can resize the image with size compression. If you'd like more control over the image reduction process, you can visit the

What are the uses of this Image size reducer application? is highly beneficial for all user who are daily working with images and photos. This online compressor will reduce image size by Shrink the size of picture from MB to KB. students in schools, colleges, and universities and Officials, Print media all are can use this tool freely without any limitaion.